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Please read the following before contacting this site:

Please note the site is currently in an archived state and is no longer updated. I no longer have time to consider general emails about Factory Records. Therefore please do not be offended if it takes me a long time to reply to any emails or even if I do not reply at all.

Please also note that Factory Records itself no longer exists as a record label and I am not responsible for any legacy issues related to contractual matters, etc. I do not reply to these emails. factoryrecords.org does not in any way represent Factory Records the record label in any of its iterations. The label no longer exists.

factoryrecords.org is NOT a record label and as such doesn't accept demos or deal with anything that a record label deals with. I do not reply to such emails.

This is also not the right place to make enquiries about copyright holders of music, licensing, publishing or any other music biz-type enquiries as we don't know about or deal with any of that stuff. Please contact the relevant copyright holder / publisher / agent directly. I do not reply to these emails.

Email: john [ at ] factoryrecords.org

The Factory Records Catalogue

The Factory Records Catalogue