Factory Records: Factory US

American wing of Factory Records, largely operated by MICHAEL SHAMBERG.

MICHAEL DIEKMAN [IKE YARD] : "Essentially it was just Shamberg (and perhaps assistance from Miranda, and maybe some hourly help) running the label(s) from his loft on 6th Ave. You have to remember though that Factory Manchester was not a huge corporation, just a few blokes with a vision."

MICHAEL SHAMBERG: "I travelled with Tony and ACR to Canada filming (which is somewhere...). Tony was excited by the Hurrah's video live of the stage during the show and bought a Portapak to begin making videos. Rob and I built a slow relationship. When they were returning to NY the clubs were fighting and not letting the band play other venues if they played theirs. I suggested we do our own show, found the Ukrainian National Home in the East Village and produced the show and made the video Taras Shevchenko with Barry Rebo and his crew. Barry was a friend and generous person.

"I did not know what I was doing with the show. whether it would not sell enough or oversell as I never did it before. My friend Richard Tobias made a poster. I believe and did Lawrence Weiner do the tickets? Anyway it was a great success. I was able to hold back the cameras to stay on shots and edited what you see which I am very proud of. After the concert, Rob took the tapes from me as I was drunk on Jack Daniels. Ruth Polsky helped by counting the money and taking care of that business. And I went home. Rob of course then asked me to make the videos for the band which I did for many years and became closer to him while Tony drifted away.

"Martin Hannett I met once in New Jersey recording a track with ACR. That was all. Alan Erasmus was very nice and keen and seemed a bit of a background to Tony. Don't know how to describe it but it did not turn out nice, as you know. How was it all run? On the FACTUS 19 stationery you are listed, together with Anne Lehman and then AHW, Erasmus and Gretton.

"Saville, Erasmus, Gretton and Wilson were my partners in OFNY. I think it was Tony's idea. So we began and made a compilation record with the bands and a protege of Saville's designed it. Anne Lehman worked for me at OFNY and was never a partner. But she was special and we were lucky to have her. Rob brought in 52nd Street I believe and I did a deal with A&M records without ever having done such a thing and it was fun, like Taras Shevchenko, doing something new."

- both extracted from interviews in Scream City 5 fanzine.

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Factory US

Factory US