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The Factory Records Catalogue Project

The Master Discography of Factory Records including all its subsidiary labels. Based on the original 300+-page printed document by Steven Hankinson with input from Frank Brinkhuis, John Cooper and Sebastian Luetzow. Original website graphic design concept by Steven Hankinson, developed and realised by John Cooper.


Up to 2004 - Development of printed version of The Factory Records Catalogue (Master Discography) by Steven Hankinson with input from Frank Brinkhuis, Sebastian Luetzow, John Cooper and others.

2004-2008 - Further printed versions of the Catalogue

16 December 2008 - factoryrecords.org registered and initial holding page posted.

2009-11 - project on hiatus

Late 2011 - mid-2012 - full website developed and implemented on the Blogger platform

Mid-2012 - June 2013 - occasionally postings and updates/fixings to Blogger-based site

July 2013 - reworking of the site envisaged and in ongoing development using a PHP platform with the ultimate aim of removing almost all (possibly all) of the site from the Blogger platform.

30 July 2013 - overhauling of filenames and folder structure to ensure consistency. Looking to develop base from which to eventually be able to take the site to a full database (MySQL) implementation. Updating of content and metacontent across the site ongoing.

December 2014 - graphic redesign and full extension of the PHP version of the site to all pages (without yet moving to a full database solution). Content development (Artists, Producers, Designers, etc) is ongoing and imagery is still awaited in some cases. Blogger version fully decommissioned.

April 2017 - maintenance including fixing contextual menus and other content on top-level pages (Artists, Designers, Producers and indexes).

July 2017 - contemplating options for merging site with Cerysmatic Factory (relaunched on factoryrecords.org domain in May 2017). This will be a large task but some content is repeated and, in the longer run, it seems to make sense.

October 2018 - SSL implemented across the site including cerysmatic.factoryrecords.org so that it is reported as secure in all browsers.

January 2019 - Minor maintenance to main pages (About, Contact, Credits, FAQ) and selected others. Is it really the 40th anniversary of Factory? Wasn't that last year?

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Additional information

The Factory Records Catalogue is not an online store and as such no items are for sale. We suggest looking items on eBay and other online auction/sale sites.

We do not offer a formal valuation service but will endeavour to provide a realistic estimate on rare items on a best means basis. For more general valuation information we direct you to eBay, Discogs.com and other online sources.

We always welcome additional info, corrections and images where we don't have any. Please contact us to discuss.

The Factory Records Catalogue

The Factory Records Catalogue