Factory Records: FAQ

Q: Where can I buy an item that is shown on the site? Are any of the items for sale?

A: The Factory Records Catalogue is not an online store and as such no items are for sale. It is an archive of a personal collection and those from other collections around the world. We suggest looking items on eBay and other online auction/sale sites.

Q: How much is my rare Factory artefact worth?

A: We do not offer a formal valuation service but if you have an item which is especially rare we will endeavour to provide a realistic estimate. For more general valuation information we direct you to eBay, Discogs.com and other online sources.

Q: Are you able to help with a question about a Factory item?

A: We always welcome additional info, corrections and images where we don't have any. Please contact us to discuss.

Q: I am looking to get in touch with a Factory Records-related band? Can you help me?

factoryrecords.org is not a record label and doesn't represent any bands. However, if you have tried Googling the name of the band and cannot find a website for them or any contact details we will see if we can help.

Q: Will you listen to my demo / release my record?

No. factoryrecords.org is not a record label and doesn't release records or listen to demos, etc.

Q: I am looking for a FAC number for my Factory-related project/item. Who do I ask? How do I get a FAC number?

A: The last FAC number was issued by Tony Wilson for his own coffin when he died in 2007. No FAC numbers have been issued since then and it is extremely unlikely that any new ones will ever be issued. I am afraid I cannot help with requests of this nature.

Q: Why is there no FAC 69?

A: No-one knows for sure but maybe it was some kind of joke given the sexual connotations of the number.

What happened to Factory 3?

Following the collapse of Factory Communications Limited in 1992, Factory Too was owned by London Records for a period of three years. It subsequently split from London and operated as an independent company ("Factory Records Limited") though it continued to trade as Factory Too. In essence though it became the third incarnation of Factory despite the continued use of the "Too" name.