Factory Records: FAC 321 JONATHAN DEMME The Perfect Kiss

Notes: The (9:32) 'Perfect Kiss' video-clip as seen on FACT 225.

This is a "live" take, shot in NEW ORDER's rehearsal studio and direced by JONATHAN DEMME. (There are U.S. [Qwest] promo 12"s for 'Perfect Kiss' that include this video version. Also available (in audio only) on the 5th cd in the limited edition Rhino Records Retro package.)

Producer MICHAEL SHAMBERG: "The band didn't mime to songs, so we recorded the song live on 24-track. We brought D.P. Henri Alekan (cinematographer for Jean Cocteau's 'Beauty and the Beast') over to Manchester, shot in 35mm and edited with Tony Lawson (editor on Stanley Kubrick's 'Barry Lyndon', and many features by Nicolas Roeg) on a flatbed. Then we went to Liverpool to do a mix of the music and then traveled to L.A. to do a final film mix with Demme. It was like making a mini feature, and it cost about $200,000."

Note that the number is the reverse of (FAC) 123 (i.e the 'Perfect Kiss' single).

FAC 321 JONATHAN DEMME The Perfect Kiss

FAC 321 JONATHAN DEMME The Perfect Kiss