Factory Records: FACT 181 THE BAILEY BROTHERS Mad Fuckers!


Notes: A "youth exploitation" movie, with a budget of $2,500,000. Production started July 1987 and was aborted in 1992. THE BAILEY BROTHERS were Keith Jobling and Phil Shotton.

TONY WILSON even went to Hollywood (see FAC 221) to raise money for the film. AHW: "The script, a comedy action thriller about car theft, attracted the support of Gabriel Byrne, and commercials producers came on board to help find the financing. Keith (Jobling) and Phil (Shotton) (aka The Bailey Brothers), were being asked to do constant rewrites. "It all got very strange at that point because there was a lot of input coming from lots of area and it got very frustrating that a lot of it was totally unnecessary." With constant rewrites dogging their interest in the project, it rapidly became clear that the financing wasn't going to happen, and Keith walked." And the collaboration with Factory more or less ended.

Film is the main subject of a Factory Records advertisement which appeared in a magazine (possibly Q). See The Factory Records Project on Flickr. The intended release date is given as "Spring 1989".

See also FAC 241.