Factory Records: Release notes

These are the detailed release notes for the development of the Factory Records Catalogue from December 2014 onwards.

December 2014 - version 3.0 of site launched, full completion of Categories and Formats sections plus debugging of rogue links, Blogger version of site decommissioned, research commenced on proposed database upgrade

January 2015 - March 2017 - Hiatus due to work on other projects

April 2017 - Work restarted. Contextual menus for all top-level files (Artists, Designers, Producers, etc) fixed so that correct sub-menus are shown. New content and missing images added to selected pages. Google Analytics tracking code updated. Started updating metacontent.

May 2017 - Continued updating metacontent. Preliminary work on porting Cerysmatic Factory over to the factoryrecords.org domain in order to provide consolidation of content and ongoing resilience.

July 2017 - Now that Cerysmatic Factory is ported over to factoryrecords.org it actually makes sense to carry out a full-scale merger. Considering options and producing test designs.

September 2017 - minor tweaks to index page as prelude to full merger mentioned above (which will take much longer to deliver).

The Factory Records Catalogue

The Factory Records Catalogue