Factory Records: TREVOR JOHNSON

Core Factory designer with JOHNSON/PANAS and in his own right.

"I have been lucky enough to work with all of Factory designers, and have the greatest respect and admiration for them all. I enjoyed a good working relationship with Ben Kelly and I am a great admirer of all of his work. The Gay Traitor cocktail bar at The Hacienda was my favourite place on earth for a period.

"I suppose my favourite Factory graphic designs were Central Station's Happy Mondays cover which typified the culture of the city and the vibe of a generation for me at the time, Saville's 10th Summer numbers, and New Order titanium sleeve and conch shells photography, and all of 8vo's designs - for Durutti and Hacienda were delightful.

"The most enjoyable pieces of my own work were probably for independent identities we created for such nights as Flesh, Hot, Zumbar and Void at the Hacienda."

- extract from Cerysmatic Factory Q&A with Trevor Johnson

FAC 166 Bootsy

FAC 166 Bootsy