Factory Records: WIM MERTENS

Belgian minimalist and contemporary-classical composer and instrumentalist.

His earlier work on Les Disques du Crépuscule was recorded under the name Soft Verdict, with key material that includes "For Amusement Only" (composed using pinball and arcade machines), "Vergessen" and "Struggle For Pleasure", both of which contain several tracks used on the "Belly Of An Architect" soundtrack.

Mertens' later material has typically been a mixture of solo-piano, vocal/piano and string/woodwind-ensemble recordings, some of which have included works comprised of multiple CDs and intricate repetitive cycles.

His key works, most of it initially released on Crépuscule then later licensed to EMI Benelux, include "A Man Of No Fortune And With A Name To Come", "Educes Me" and "Jeremiades".

Photo credit: PIET GOETHALS

Wim Mertens

Wim Mertens