Factory Records: FAC 151 The Festival of the Tenth Summer

6/86 (7/86)

Notes: The festival celebrating 10 years of Punk, organised by Factory, 12-20 July 1986.
A PSA exhibition at the City Art Gallery ("10"), a fashion show at the Hacienda, a KEVIN CUMMINS photo exhibition ("5"), a music seminar, an exhibition of by Malcolm Garrett and ASSORTED IMAGES ("6"), film & video shows, and concerts/gigs.

The show at the Greater manchester Exhibition Centre on July 19 was the 10th and last event, featuring A CERTAIN RATIO, NEW ORDER (w/ Ian McCulloch on 'Ceremony'), JOHN COOPER CLARKE, THE FALL, CABARET VOLTAIRE, PETE SHELLEY, Steve Diggle, JOHN CALE, THE WORST, and WAYNE FONTANA AND THE MINDBENDERS; and also THE SMITHS, OMD, THE VIRGIN PRUNES, Sandie Shaw, Howard Devoto (preceding not listed). Related concerts included HAPPY MONDAYS & Easterhouse [Manchester Rafters], THE DURUTTI COLUMN [Manchester Town Hall], JAMES & The Bodines [Manchester PSV Club, originally the Russell, the first Factory club].

Factory merchandise included a badge displaying the '10' logo and 'FAC 151' on it (the only item with the number), T-shirts, a boiler suit, a set of 10 posters, a set of 10 postcards, a set of Kevin Cummins postcards, a booklet with pieces by CATH CARROLL, LINDER STERLING, Richard Boon, TONY WILSON, PAUL MORLEY, & others, and numerous other posters.

1 THE NUMBERS: Set of ten gloss colour postcards (number graphics 0-9) 'Peter Saville Associates explore the central theme of metalanguage' (Edition: 500)

2 THE POSTER: Poster, "G-MEX concert object"; 30"x20" 'The groups, blue clouds, and Manchester'

3 THE SET: Ten mini posters in card tube Black and White, 25"x20" 'The ten meta-numbers, as used in the festival promotion'

4 THE BOOK: "How was it for you, darlin?" Book, 64 pages, contributions from from Liz Naylor, Paul Morley, Jon Savage, Howard Devoto, Marcel Proust, Richard Boone, Rob Gretton and Cath Carroll.

5 CUMMINS' TEN: Set of ten postcards (Sex Pistols, Slaughter, 'Joan', Tony Wilson, Buzzcocks, The Worst, 'Howard and Linda', Electric Circus, 'Henry' [OMD reel-to-reel], Ian Curtis) 'Photographer Cummins essences of history. Pistols, Dogs, Circus, etc, etc.'

6 THE KITCHEN: Design exhibition by Assorted Images. 3-colour (black & 2 blues) poster, and b&w flyer

7 THE BADGE: "10" badge, catalogue number 151; silver and white enamel

8 THE T-SHIRT: Black (w/white graphics) and White (w/black graphics), XXXL only, festival logo on chest

9 THE MAP: Promotional black and white flyer, with full listing of the events which celebrated Manchester's Tenth Summer.

10 THE INSTALLATION: Art construction by Peter Saville Associates (ten pieces in steel, concrete, canvas, acrylics and stone) (+) THE PRODUCT: Plastic carrier bag (+) THE CONCERT: Ticket stub (see concert details above)

Alternate, 'THE TEN EVENTS' (as listed on the info sheet):

1 ART: "installation/the other decade" / by Peter Saville Associates at the City Art Gallery

2 FASHION: "clothes" / at the Hacienda/by the Hacienda and the Green Room

3 PHOTOGRAPHY: "cummins ten" / exhibition and postcards by Kevin Cummins at the Cornerhouse

4 BOOK: "the back pages"/ by Richard Boon, Cath, Liz and associates.

5 MUSIC: "the great hall show"/ Margi Clarke sings Chaos in Cancerland, plus THE DURUTTI COLUMN, Staging by Jamie Reid and Rob Gray at Manchester Town Hall. "Blanco meet Creation at the Factory"/ The Bodines and JAMES at the PSV / Russell Club. "The Eagle has landed" / at the International "Back in the Cellar"/ Easterhouse, HAPPY MONDAYS and the Weeds at Rafters "more labels than one"/ THE RAILWAY CHILDREN and Distant Cousins at the Boardwalk "Later that night"/ The Faction at the Gallery

6 SEMINAR: "the new, new music seminar" at the Gay Traitor

7 MERCHANDISING: The T-Shirt, the poster, the postcards, the set of posters, the boiler suit, the badge by Peter Saville Associates and Acme Total Merchandising Ltd

8 DESIGN: "a different kitchen"/an exhibition of graphics and typography arranged by malcolm Garrett and Assorted Images at the Cavendish Room of the Polytechnic

9 FILM & VIDEO: Includes "Stop Making Sense" / "Swindle" / "Rude Boy" / "Born in Flames". Plus special previews of Ikon and Doublevision in Japan, and Granada Television/the punk archive collection, and also European premieres of "Pretty in Pink" and "Sid and Nancy".

10 G-MEX, THE TENTH EVENT: July 19th at the Greater Manchester Exhibition Centre.


Special Guests: JOHN CALE / JOHN COOPER CLARKE / Steve Diggle / Margi Clarke / Steve Naive Comperes: Bill Grundy / PAUL MORLEY D.J: Jerry Dammers

"G-Mex ticket ensures 50p reduction on all other Concerts. The art is free." Additional items:
& Factory Communications merchandise Card ("Selling of the Tenth Summer") & Large "Festival" promo poster (44"x50"). Listing all items and events. & "The Horsemen Are The Connection" flyer for THE DURUTTI COLUMN show. & Event schedule sheet (A4)

Notes: All items bear the (PETER SAVILLE-designed) '10' logo.

FAC 151 The Festival of the Tenth Summer

FAC 151 The Festival of the Tenth Summer