Factory Records: FAC 311 Fourth generation Notepaper

11/90 (9/90)


Notes: Designed by Julian Morey after he left PETER SAVILLE ASSOCIATES, incorporating a new Factory logo typeset from the custom Factis 90 font (which was based on Otl Aicher's Rotis typeface [specifically the Semi Sans version].) Factis 90 was a full working typeface with screen & postscript printer font files.

Stationery pieces included letterhead, continuation, comp, sticker, envelopes, white waxed paper, envelopes, and visiting cards.

Sticker - metallic green, envelope - metallic gold, comp slip - dark metallic purple, letterhead - metallic mauve. Embossed Factory TM logos and black printing.

FAC 311 Fourth generation Notepaper

FAC 311 Fourth generation Notepaper