Factory Records: FACT 10 JOY DIVISION Unknown Pleasures

5/79 (6/79)

LP: UK 1979 (Factory FACT 10) [test pressing]
LP: UK 1979 (Factory FACT 10) *
CS: UK 1981 (Factory FACT 10C) **
CS: UK 1985 (Factory FACT 10C) [boxed]
CD: UK 1986 (Factory FACD 10) ***

3:28 Disorder
4:43 Day Of The Lords
3:00 Candidate
4:23 Insight
4:45 New Dawn Fades
3:53 She's Lost Control
3:50 Shadowplay
2:35 Wilderness
2:12 Interzone
5:52 I Remember Nothing

LP 1st edition

~ FACT 10-Inside!-A, S-23, A Porky Prime Cut, Step
~ FACT-10-Outside!-B, S-21, A Porky Prime Cut, This Is The Way

2nd edition

~ FACT 10-Inside-2, RC, This Is The Way
~ FACT-10-Outside!-2, RC, Step

3rd edition

~ FACT 10 A2, Townhouse, GG
~ FACT 10 B2, Townhouse, GG


~ FACD10 MPO 01 M.P.O. France 11 Compact Disc

* First edition has textured Garrod & Lofthouse sleeve, and rounded-corner (card stock) inner sleeve; second / later editions have (variable) textured sleeves without the G&L mark. There are initial pressings on red-tinged vinyl.
** Early editions do not have barcode on spine.
*** First edition with car carry case (album artwork w/textured sleeve).



Notes: There is an original large promo poster for 'Unknown Pleasures' done for the tour with the Buzzcocks. (This can be seen on the [15 Sep 1979] 'Something Else' TV appearance.) There also seems to be an (official) A1 sized poster.

The Nov/Dec '86 isssue of The Catalogue lists a DAT format release (FACT 10D) as planned for 1987. (See Appendix.)

See also FACT 10+4.

FACT 10 JOY DIVISION Unknown Pleasures

FACT 10 JOY DIVISION Unknown Pleasures