Factory Records: FACD 2.06 THE SIXTHS Wasps' Nests

17/7/95 (7/95)

CD: UK 1995 (Factory Too FACD 2.06 / London 828 592-2)
CS: UK 1995 (Factory Too FACD 2.06 / London 828 592-?) *

3:21 BARBARA MANNING - San Diego Zoo
2:20 STEPHEN MERRITT - Aging Spinsters
2:54 MARY TIMONY - All Dressed Up In Dreams
2:54 DEAN WAREHAM - Falling Out Of Love (With You)
2:32 AYAKO AKASHIBA - Winter In July
2:35 ROBERT SCOTT - Heaven In A Black Leather Jacket
2:28 MAC SUPERCHUNK - Dream Hat
4:19 GEORGIA HUBLEY - Movies In My Head
3:42 LOU BARLOW - In The City In The Rain
2:43 AMELIA FLETCHER - Looking For Love (In The Hall Of Mirrors)
2:47 MARK ROBINSON - Puerto Rico Way
3:29 ANNA DOMINO - Here In My Heart
3:27 MITCH EASTER - Pillow Fight
3:16 JEFFREY BORCHARDT - You Can't Break A Broken Heart
2:34 CHRIS KNOX - When I'm Out Of Town

* Cassette is listed in a Factory Too advertisement (NME 15/7/95), but is not confirmed.


Design: n/a

Notes: The Sixths are Stephin Merritt (w/guest vocalists). (AKA The Magnetic Fields, Future Bible Heroes and The Gothic Archies.)

From the Factory Too website: "Stephin has also created a row in Factory by disputing Vini Reilly's "punk theory" - namely that the use of the bar-chord F up and down the fret board freed music in 1976 from the 1-4-5 chord structures that dominated the previous ten years. Stephin thinks that's bunk and that all the great punk tunes are 1-4-5. Vini thinks he doesn't know what he's talking about. More to come on that one."

FACD 2.06 THE SIXTHS: Wasps' Nests

FACD 2.06 THE SIXTHS: Wasps' Nests