Factory Records: OFNY 4 A CERTAIN RATIO Knife Slits Water


12": US 1982 (Mango Records MLPS-7802)

9:44 Knife Slits Water
9:40 Kether Hot Knives (mix in Special)

~ MLPS 7802 A, A-1 <-> Sterling
~ MLPS 7802 B, A-1 <-> Sterling

Production: ACR

Design: n/a

Notes: Although 'Knife Slits Water' was released in the US via Mango (Island), not OFNY, it was allocated an OFNY catalogue number.


The sleeve sticker bears the FCL gear/wrench logo and the inscriptions 'The Sound Sound Proudly Presents', 'FACTA FOURTH', and 'MLPS 7802'.

This is catalogue number FACTA4 (or FA4?), possibly making it a Factory America, not an OFNY release.


OFNY releases have "ordinal" designations (see OFNY 3 and OFNY 5), thus "FOURTH" could make it an OFNY release. But... the Ike Yard release on Factory America is itself a possible pun on the ordinal catalogue system: "(A) FACTA 2nd". (So perhaps the "ordinal" idea was already in use before OFNY...)

This release was also possibly [?] slated as OFNY 2. (To add another note of confusion, the record label itself reads 'FAC 62'...)


OFNY 4 probably started out on the Factory America schedule ("FACTA"), was moved to OFNY (because [?] of the Mango distribution, and like the OFNY New Order [Streetwise] and 52nd Street [A&M] releases), initially assigned OFNY 2, and re-assigned (due to conflict with OF-2?) to OFNY4 ("FOURTH"), finally ending up with a "hybrid" FA/OFNY catalogue number.