Factory Records: FAC 47 Factory Anvil Logo



Notes: First used on FACT 45 Always Now...

...but it also appeared on the 'Factory Game Plan' release schedule sticker (see Appendix), which lists FACT 45 as an upcoming release. The logo was also applied as an ink-pad stamp for stationery. (3cm diameter, with "F.C.L." text above.) This stamp was used in a full page advert in 'The Catalogue' magazine. (Just a white page with the stamp in the middle.)

Later appeared as an unofficial badge in a limited edition of 47 (one of which was donated to the Cerysmatic Factory archives).

The book Peter Saville Estate 1-127 notes: "The letter F can be seen in the head of the callipers, the C in the gear wheel, and the L where the callipers meet in the anvil. Like much of Saville's work at this time, these graphics embodied a mixture of romantic associations. Living in Manchester in the late 1970s and 1980s, the atmospheres evoked by European Modernist aesthetics; whether specific connotations of Futurism, Constructivism or De Stijl or simply nostalgia for a post-war Europe of faded grandeur and chilly technocratic progress..."

FAC 47 Factory Anvil Logo

FAC 47 Factory Anvil Logo