Factory Records: MAN 002 Raleigh


Notes: Unreleased documentary feature directed by MALCOLM WHITEHEAD about the Raleigh bicycle manufacturing company. Part of the "Real Life" series on the IKON documentary offshoot MAN along with MAN 001 Manchester Airport and MAN 003 Shop.


IKON presents
A Spergling Production of the story of Raleigh
Creative consultant - Brian Nicholson
Archive researcher - Edward Cope
Off-line co-ordinator - Alan Dook
Post production - Ra Studios
O/B Facilities - Mark Glennon
Sound design - G Williamson
Art design - Darwen Casuals/County Offset
Producer - Michael B. Scott
Directed by Malcolm Whitehead

Liner notes:

In 1887 Sir Frank Bowden purchased an interest in a small bicycle company on Raleigh Street, Nottingham. Taking the name of the street, the world famous Raleigh Bicycle Company was formed. 60 million bikes and 110 years later, Raleigh is the market leader bringing you many different designs from the incredible Chopper of the 1970's to the current championship winning M-Trax 450.

This film outlines the history of the company and shows how the bikes of today are manufactured. Everyone remembers their first Raleigh cycle and some of the classic models are featured here, the film includes some previously unreleased archive footage. Current methods of bicycle production are show, from the laser cutting of the tubing, through the robot welding, the paint shop, wheel building, on to the assembly lines and finally to despatch for delivery to the customer.

There is a feature on r.s.p. Raleigh Special Products, who hand build the top end performance bikes. It is here that the highly successful Team Raleigh mountain bikes are made. The film shows the Team in action and looks at how the fact that they push the bikes to the limit assists in the design and development of future mass produced models. The recently released Raleigh Select electric bikes is shown on one of its first outings.

WEB http://www.raleighbikes.com
Programme length: 60 minutes
"E" exempt from classification

MAN 002 Raleigh

MAN 002 Raleigh