Factory Records: MAN 003 Shop

Notes: directed by MALCOLM WHITEHEAD. Part of the "Real Life" series on the IKON documentary offshoot MAN along with MAN 001 Manchester Airport and MAN 002 Raleigh.

Liner notes:

In 1847 Edwin Henry Booth founded the grocery business E.H. Booth & Co. Ltd., with the promise to provide the best produce available at a fair price. Today, 150 years on and with the fifth generation of the founder's family at the helm, that promise still stands. Booths supermarkets are reknowned for their value and quality, the slogan traditionally better could not be more apt.

This film goes behind the scenes, talking to the people who do the job, showing the fascinating daily activities involved in running the Booths supermarket chain. The history of the company is outlined and the stores of today are show. Each outlet has the unique Booth's atmosphere created by the combination of award winning architecture, creative interior design and excellent shop staff customer relations.

There is a look at the Head Office operations, the warehousing, the fresh food production, tea blending, coffee roasting, dried fruit packing and wine selection. Booths have won numerous awards for the range and quality of the wines that they stock. A shop is shown preparing for the day's business ahead with a look at the in-store bakery, butchers, fruit and vegetable department, delicatessen and cheese counters. There is a feature on the refurbishment of one of the stores, incredibly this is done in a week.

Programme length: 50 minutes
"E" exempt from classification

MAN 003 Shop

MAN 003 Shop