Factory Records: FBN 123 NEW ORDER The Perfect Kiss


7": BL 1985 (Factory Benelux 7FBN 123) *

4:23 The Perfect Kiss (edit)
5:09 The Perfect Dub

~ 7FBN 123-A//57765-1
~ 7FBN 123-B//57766-1

12": BL 1985 (Factory Benelux FBN 123)

8:45 The Perfect Kiss
7:00 The Kiss of Death
1:23 Perfect Pit

~ FBN FAC 123-A1-C
~ FBN FAC 123-B1-C

* Comes in two different sleeves using the photos from 'Low Life', one with Gilbert/Morris, the other with Sumner/Hook.

Production: NEW ORDER

Design: n/a

Notes: There also is a 20"x37" promo poster titled "The Perfect Film", credited to Henri Alekan, who shot the Jonathan Demme-directed 'Perfect Kiss' video, (but) using the images and type style of the Low-Life album. Note: This is not related to the OFNY BARBARA KRUGER-designed 'Perfect Kiss' video promo poster (or the Peter Saville UK reworking of the same).