Factory Records: FACT 38 A CERTAIN RATIO Below the Canal


VHS: UK n/a (Factory FACT 38)

-:-- Forced Laugh
-:-- Shack Up
-:-- [unknown - live from Music Machine and Heaven]
-:-- Back to the Start
-:-- Crippled Child
-:-- [unknown - TV appearances Manchester and Milan]
-:-- Tribeca
-:-- [other stuff]

Notes: Never completed. Working title?: "Reality is 3/4 inch wide".

From the 'Factory Newsletter and Shareholders Analysis No. 5 September 1981': "2 Hours. Early promos 'Forced Laugh'/'Shack Up', live from Music Machine and Heaven. 'Back to the Start', 'Crippled Child', TV stuff from Manchester and Milan, M. Shambergs 13 minute 'Tribeca' from the New York loft, plus art... lots of art. Post-synched erotica by Johnson. Available by December/January, same price and arrangements as 37 in similar apropos bridge bag with G&L flip-top convertible."

Additional shareholder's statement: "Reality is 3/4inch wide. One hour VHS of Factory promo U-matics, same details as above....WAIT etc."

Footage from the 'Tribeca' sequence later surfaced on the Soul Jazz ACR release 'Early' (Enhanced CD format).